Are you thinking about relocating to Leuna or you already work there? We, InfraLeuna GmbH, will find ways to supply you with power tailor-made to your needs. 

InfraLeuna GmbH generates electricity and steam for the power supply needs of its customers at the Leuna Site in a state-of-the-art gas and steam turbine. 

The co-generation process coupled with a spare steam boiler guarantees you ecological and cost-effective power supply that meets your needs.

Our service begins with energy consultation; you can contact our experienced team to discuss issues pertaining to the energy aspects of planning, erecting or modernizing your plants.

A broad spectrum of energy resources are available at the Leuna site, including electrical energy in various voltages, steam at different pressure levels, hot water, compressed air, natural gas and ultra pure water for technical processes.

Maintenance, inspections and work on investment projects are other components of our services portfolio. We also offer these specific services beyond the site perimeters.

Our environmentally friendly supply networks boast flexible connection points. Nothing stands in your way, whether you are planning to locate at the site or expand or modernize your present facility.

The whole performance range of InfraLeuna´s department of Energy you can find in the enclosed pdf-file.