Sales Department

A special benefit you have as a customer or company potentially relocating to Leuna is the fact that our Sales Department gives you a presentation of InfraLeuna's highly varied and attractive range of services for all areas. However, don't just get in touch with the Sales Department for launching business relations. It also offers you price indicators and quotations while conducting the negotiations necessary for closing the deal. This extensive one-stop shopping service spells out savings in terms of time and efficiency with expert, friendly and customer-oriented service always high on our agenda. 

Since customer satisfaction is at the top of our list, one of our foremost goals is to sit down with you to work out optimum conditions for your core business. We set ourselves the standard of guaranteeing a high level of customer service even after signing the contract. That also means our accounting team uses SAP software to guarantee reliable and highly efficient service billing in the framework of the contractual agreement. 

We firmly believe you will find our service quotation attractive and our Sales Department team is looking forward to your contact.