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postal address

InfraLeuna GmbH
am Haupttor
06237 Leuna


Foto von Dr. Christof  Günther

Dr. Christof Günther

CEO of InfraLeuna GmbH

TEL: +49 3461 43-3000

FAX: +49 3461 43-4290


Foto von Dr. Detlev  Brodkorb

Dr. Detlev Brodkorb

Division Head of Legal and purchase dep., Management of matters concerning authorities

TEL: +49 3461 43-4251

FAX: +49 3461 43-4776


Foto von Martin  Naundorf

Martin Naundorf

Division Head of sales department, site development, PR-Management

TEL: +49 3461 43-4167

FAX: +49 3461 43-3824


Foto von Martin K.  Halliger

Martin K. Halliger

PR-Management / Press spokesman

TEL: +49 3461 43-4435

FAX: +49 3461 43-4290